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C.F Clothing

    The C.F Brand is a exclusive brand that is equivalent to the acceptance rate of Harvard that looks to always deliver long lasting traditional goods like the University of Southern California. All pieces are inspired by Orlando Fresh’s College experience and more. The odds of you running into someone else wearing the same The C.F Brand piece is like having a senior class of 100 valedictorians. We believe in quality not quantity. 

The C.F Brand was founded by Orlando Fresh in august 2010. The name came about when visiting his brother at northern Arizona university and experiencing College Life for the first time. Remembering the motivational talk he had with his father the year before about attending College it was stuck in his mind. Having the love for fashion, exclusivity, and being fresh. The name COLLEGE FRESH jumped out at him when having a sit down with a Northern Arizona friend.

    While the 
The C.F Brand is now focused on delivering the good, the bad, and the sexy of the College experience through apparel and such goods,  The C.F Brand looks to venture into numerous things like music, toys, and maybe even dorm room goods. The options are endless when it comes to The C.F Brand.

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